Once upon a time, in Alsace, ….

Did you know that if a stork is flying above your house, then a baby is on the way ?

Did you know that there are over 80 castles redefining the rounded shapes of the local hills and mountains ?

Did you know that you can travel along the most famous and oldest ‘Route des Vins’ in France, a 170-kilometer road weaving its way along the Vosges Mountains and nested in stunning landscapes ?

The ‘Gîte des Histoires’ will provide you with both a hearty welcome in Kientzheim, a typical Alsacian village and numerous opportunities to discover the area’s treasures.

« La Cigogne »

2 persons
47 m² - Ground floor

360° Tour

A legendary bird.

Rumour has it that there is an underground lake hidden under the Cathedral in Strasbourg ; the storks are said to choose among the happy souls of the not-yet-born babies frolicking in the water the ones they will deliver.

If you place a lump of sugar on your windowsill, you may be rewarded with a newborn delivered by one of our elegant white birds !

“Le Vin”

4 persons
65 m² - 1st floor

360° Tour

Cheers !

Worldwide famous thanks to their delicacy and elegance, the Alsacian wines are also typical because of the flute-shaped bottle containing their prestigious varieties.

Make sure you visit a vineyard and share a moment with a wine-grower. You will be offered a tasting of the various aromas that can be found in Alsace. Why not try out a Riesling with a sauerkraut? Or have a night cap with a glass of Grains Nobles ?

You will awaken to new feelings and have the time of your life!

“Le Château”

8 persons
130 m² - 1st floor

360° Tour

History and ruins.

Numerous castles tower over the Alsacian plains.

Among them, you will find nearby ‘Le Château de Kaysersberg’ and the most famous ‘Château du haut-Koenigsbourg’.

Those fortresses will have you turn back the hands of time and experience the History of the Middle Ages…

« Le Gourmand »

8 persons
160 m²

360° Tour

On the menu

A beackeoffe, a sauerkraut, fleischschnakas, a tarte flambée, a pretzel, a slice of kouglof or cheesecake …. It’s certain that you’ll find something that will give you the energy to travel around Alsace!